Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Carlos Montoya Is My Hero

Santa Fe City Council Approves New Wal Mart. Hippies outraged.

To tell the truth, I'm ambivalent about Wal Mart, I see good points and bad points to these super stores. However, in the midst of all the leftist rage the voice of Carlos Montoya, my new hero, is heard amidst the din over at the New Mexican:

I liked Ms. Laskowski's comments about how the drop outs of the SF school system will have jobs. How condescending is that? Why don't you take your Phd. and go back to what ever rock you came out of. How dare you say that!!!Maybe if they have a job they won't have to sell drugs to all the little white kids from the east side of town. It's people like you who are causing an economic division in Santa Fe.The thing I hate the most is when Anglo people like her come to Santa Fe and act like they know everything. If you are so darn smart what the h@ll are you doing in Santa Fe?

If you are so darn smart what the h@ll are you doing in Santa Fe?

That sound you're hearing is uncomfortable silence.

Note to Democrats, this is why the Republicans are starting to pwn you over the Hispanic vote. You guys enjoy using race conflict tactics to solidify your base? Congratualtions, it worked. Only for us.

PS Like I tell the people out here: I am not an Anglo. I'm Irish!