Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Help Beat Cancer

[Sneaking in the window to put up a post...]

Chris Muir of Day By Day is asking for our help. His sister Cathy is being kept alive by treatments at the American Cancer Ablation Center in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and he's asking us to raise their visibility for PR purposes. They'll have an ad to be aired on CNN cancer special on August 14th and 20th, but he's asking for our help in doing more.

As often as you can for the next TEN DAYS, click on the banner below (or links) and boost their visibility in search engines, and please steal the banner (don't hotlink) and/or put up a link at your sites as well.

I've also created a button that should fit in most sidebars; please do save it, put it on your blog, and link it to http://www.cancerablation.com/.

[I know, I know, who the heck is Beth? ...sneaking back out the window...]