Friday, June 10, 2005

The Loyal Order Of Nelson (LOON)

On this day, I do hereby inaugurate the Loyal Order Of Nelson. What is the Order, you may ask? Simply put, the Loyal Order Of Nelson is an organization of like minded individuals who share a common goal of mindlessly mocking leftist moonbats.

Membership requires the following:

Upon spotting a car with a moonbatty bumper sticker (a standard Kerry/Edwards sticker does not count. Defoliate the Bushes does.), one must point at said vehicle and do his best impersonation of Nelson from the Simpsons.


IF spotted by the owner, the only answer that can be given is "You lost. HA HA." If, however, the bumpersticker infers the President is stupid (Some village in Texas is missing an idiot) the proper response becomes, "You lost to the idiot. HA HA".

Maybe Mad Dog Vinnie can create a proper image for members to place on their blogs.