Friday, June 10, 2005

Kooks that run Democrats believe what Dean says

Yes, the kooks that now run the Democratic Party believe all of the things that Dean says about Republicans (and even Libertarians): white, Christian, never worked a day in their lives, etc.

Powerline, one of the blogs responsible for ending Dan Rather's career at CBS (aka "See? B.S.!"), had this line about Dean's replacement (and trust me...Dean will be replaced due to anemic fundraising):

The more he [Dean] is seen, the more likely he will be replaced by someone who believes what Dean and the mainstream of his party believes, but does a better job concealing it.
In other words, the new DNC chief will believe the same thing that Dean and the other leftist nuts believe about normal America, but he/she will be more clever in keeping that loathing, contempt, and condescension to himself/herself.