Thursday, June 02, 2005

RU-486? You sunk my abortion-ship!

You do /not/ mess with the Portugese.

It's an old story, but a good one. (Hat tip to

It's the classic tale: Leftists buy boat, sail around defying countries whose laws they oppose. In this case, a group called Women on Waves sails to countries with restrictive abortion laws, piles women inside, then sails to international waters where they do their deed. They've done it previously in Ireland and Poland.

Then, they tried it in Portugal.

According to WoW, "after receiving no response from the harbor authorities to repeated requests for permission to enter," the Dutch abortion boat headed for the Portuguese coast.

"Within minutes" Portuguese naval vessels arrived on scene. They told the boat's captain to stop sailing toward Portugal.

A spokesperson for the Portuguese Defense Ministry told the French Press Agency that two Portuguese naval vessels will continue to monitor the abortion ship to ensure that the Dutch boat complies with the law.

Secretary of State for Sea Affairs, Nuno Fernandes Thomaz told daily newspaper Diraio de Noticias Sunday "if the ship decides to disrespect the orders of the Portuguese government it will have to get round a navy vessel."

Translation: If you dare enter our territorial waters, we will totally SINK you.

Stella Maris, ora pro nobis.