Wednesday, May 25, 2005

State's Rights?

Much has been said recently about the crap going on in the US Senate. It's all about judges -- but to what end? Primarily the liberals and the Democrats (The "seven" are liberals who are not Democrats) do not want self-government or self-rule. They believe judges should be able to make decisions for all people. Those opposed support state's rights. So why should states have rights?

States should have rights so that individuals of like-mind can get together and join together in peace under self-rule. If you don't like a states' rules, you should be able to pick up and move to another state. The only things in common between all states should be freedom and liberty -- the things outlined in the Constitution.

Why is this so opposed? In their hearts, liberals want power over people, and to do that, they need to pass laws that apply to as many people as possible. That's wrong, and that's why liberals don't like states' rights.