Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Praise to Buddha!

Here's the latest on the Korean scientists doing human cloning work. Hat tip again to Amy Welborn. Apparently, some guy has deduced that this stuff isn't immoral according to Buddhist philosophy. I guess we can all rest easy now. My bad.

Thus embryos in this early-stage of a fertilized egg or a cloned one can be used and this idea is comports with Buddhist teachings, according to Dong-A University professor Kwak Man-youn.

"Whether Hwang recognizes it or not, his idea corresponds with that of Buddhism. The Buddha did not see an early-stage embryo as a life," Kwak said.

He noted the Buddha categorized a fetus into eight levels as outlined in one Buddhist text, and the earliest stage of embryonic development was not included in the grouping.

I love this! I mean, all Western Civilization did was build Universities and develop the Scientific Method and whatnot. You can go back to Archimedes and beyond to find scientists and mathematicians. Nearly all the major advances and discoveries in science and technology have come from Western Civilization.

Yet as we all know, conventional wisdom tells us we were all slaves to ignorance and superstition until like, 1968 or something. You know, it's all about how the Pope said the sun went around the earth, and people were burnt at the stake for saying the world was round and whatnot.

Apparently, however, Buddha was a skilled embryologist. You know, because he was Buddha. What's up with that? It's like a friend of my wife had mentioned. This woman is a Unitarian who attends her church's Sunday Lectures, err, Services.

As she tells it, whenever the head lecturer person starts a speech which mentions "Jesus" yawns and fidgets are heard. However, as soon as the word "Buddha" gets mentioned, the entire place goes nuts. "Oooh! Oooh! Buddha! This is important!"

Well you know what? If Buddha was such a major prophet, if he had something of the Divine within him, how come he never wrote anything along the lines of the following:

"In the future, it will not be cool to rub my statues' tummies for good luck. Don't do it."

What, like he wouldn't know that was going down?