Friday, July 08, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

All it takes for evil to triumph is for the United Nations to get involved.

That should be the subtitle of the movie "Hotel Rwanda." It's enough to make you want to fly a plane into the UN building.

As we are seeing again in Darfur, the United Nations primary mission on this earth is to bind and gag the good people so that the evil people can more easily slaughter them. In Rwanda, the UN played footsie with the Tutsies, then turned tail and ran once their idiotic "peace plan" unraveled. After evacuating all the white folk, the UN left orders for 300 peacekeepers to never fire a weapon for any reason. Sort of like telling Albert Pujols he can carry a bat to the plate but may not swing.

Anyway, if you think you owe it to yourself or to some abstract idea of fairness to find something good to say about the UN, watch "Hotel Rwanda" and come to your senses.