Thursday, May 26, 2005

Re: States Rights

In God and Man at Yale, Buckley said, more or less, that the battle between good and evil, God and Satan, is the same as the battle between Individualism and Collectivism fought on different planes. (yeah, my paraphrasing sucks.)

You want to know why liberals oppose states' rights? Because liberalism is collectivism. It is the concentration of power and decision in the hands of a few, select elite. It is tyranny of the "in."

States, in the liberal mind, might do something irresponsible with power, like turning over to the individual. The individual, so empowered, may go out and earn an income that produces surplus which he considers his property. And people with property, earned by the sweat of their brow, tend to oppose collectivism--and evil--and taxes.

Bottom line: Liberals love taxes and hate distribution of power. It's why they oppose drilling oil in Alaska, SUVs, and gun rights: each an example of distributed power.